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Planning a water level, and the consequences thereof   3 comments

So, the next level I planned on making was going to be based on the magical element of water. I even got a little start on the level, had the tileset made, and I even made a background. Hell, I even made music ¬†for it. I rarely do that to be honest. But nevertheless, I’m not going to be making this level because of the way water levels are, at least in Cave Story. They are slow, boring, and just stupid and annoying to create. I’ve learned my lesson for sure, no more water levels for me! Which means I either have to come up with another element, or just take away a level from the complete game. What I’ll do about this, I don’t know yet, but I’ll update about this when it’s due.

Also, I’m going to start working on an org of the Skyview Temple theme from Zelda: Skyward Sword. Let’s see how that works out.

Posted February 3, 2012 by olliejay in Cave Story, The Show

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