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The Show Season 1 v1.0.0.4   Leave a comment

It’s done for the most part, there’s a bit of graphical stuff I need to do, but this version is just about finished. I have yet to make the levels more interesting, but I’ll do that in the next version. Anyway, here’s a download link, tell me what you think!


Changes in this version include:

-Removed the Bubbler, Machine Gun and the Super Missile Launcher from the Pooh Black path.

-Renamed all the stages to be episodes instead of just numbers.

-New extended section in Episode 8. (Formerly known as 2-2)

-Added some new dialogue and changed some to be a little more consistent.

-Finished most of the graphics.

-Took out a secret in Episode 13 (Formerly 3-3), as it broke the game.

-Changed the design of a character.

I think that’s pretty much it. What’s to come next, is..

-Add some nice aesthetics to the stages.

-Finish all the graphics once and for all.

-Just overall fine tune it and clean up any glitches I can find.

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Fire Level – Nearly Finished   Leave a comment

The tileset’s finished, and while it isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever done, I think it looks good. I do realize I use bricks a lot, but that’s just because they’re kind of necessary. The level’s also coming off as pretty challenging, but not unfairly. You’ve got to be good at Cave Story to beat this level, but I guess that goes for the rest of this mod too, mainly. Anyway, this level also has a boss fight, and one I’ve never used before, which is also finished, except for a few sprites. You’ll find out what boss this is when you play it yourself. Also, there’s another thing I’m going to show, but I’ll leave that to another post.

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Planning a water level, and the consequences thereof   3 comments

So, the next level I planned on making was going to be based on the magical element of water. I even got a little start on the level, had the tileset made, and I even made a background. Hell, I even made music  for it. I rarely do that to be honest. But nevertheless, I’m not going to be making this level because of the way water levels are, at least in Cave Story. They are slow, boring, and just stupid and annoying to create. I’ve learned my lesson for sure, no more water levels for me! Which means I either have to come up with another element, or just take away a level from the complete game. What I’ll do about this, I don’t know yet, but I’ll update about this when it’s due.

Also, I’m going to start working on an org of the Skyview Temple theme from Zelda: Skyward Sword. Let’s see how that works out.

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The Show Episode 1 v1.1   Leave a comment

I made an updated version of The Show Episode 1 that fixes a few glitches, updates some graphics and also changes the levels very slightly. Play it if you’d like, but I just wanted to put this out there! Anyway, the download link is here:

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Omega, a bit of other stuff..   Leave a comment

While the graphics for Omega aren’t quite finished, I managed to nearly completely debug his battle while making it more cinematic to boot! Anyone who’s played up to that point probably realized how awful his battle was, it turns out all I needed to do was lower the floor and make his area smaller and there you go! He still has one glitch where he randomly flies into the sky and his health bar goes back up (Even though it’s at the same value as it was before) and then comes down again, not sure how to fix that, but otherwise he’s near perfect, and I’m proud of it! It’s also immensely more fun now, so I hope you look forward to that. In other news, I think I’ll release various bug patches and slight level redesigns for Episode 1 every once in a while, and you can expect one coming soon, so there’s another thing to look forward to if you really actually care to play through it again just because of less glitches and slightly different levels! Once I release the next one though, at least play the Omega fight to see how much better it is. Anyway, this is getting long, no more news to report, until next time, bye!

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So I did some math and used addition..   1 comment

The number of levels Episode 2 will have is twelve. Much less than Episode 1, but that’s to be expected. Episode 1 is the majority of The Show, Episode 2 could be seen as an epilogue of it, though it still will be pretty long, and the levels I’ve made so far are much longer than previous ones, so it might even come out to being of similar length.


..Don’t count on that though.

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5-6   3 comments

Yep, that’s right, another level in the same day! Aren’t you lucky people?? Technically it isn’t finished yet, but the actual map design, which is rather intricate despite being put together in around an hour, is done. All I need to do it put down entities and it’ll be all set and I’ll be ready to move on to the next one. (I’m going to do 5-7 next) Anyway, here’s a picture of 5-6!

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