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Episode One Aesthetics   3 comments

In terms of interest, this level was pretty lacking. I didn’t redesign the level, I’m keeping it in because at that point, I was mostly practicing. I did make it a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing, as you can see in the screenshots. This level has come a long way, and was one of the most edited from version to version, I believe. Anyway, I’ll show you the main points of the aesthetics. What do you think?

I added rocks on the grass.

I added chains and grass to the blocks.

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Ice Fortress Hub Thingy   2 comments

It’s a hub world, essentially. The Ice Fortress, which you travel to, is a whole big structure, and in it are these three six doors. They take you to different parts of the fortress, which are levels, but they aren’t necessarily ice-based. In fact I don’t think a single one of them is ice-based.. But that’s beside the point. They’re based on elements, like fire and air. Each door also contains a key corresponding to that element. It’s your primary objective to get the key, find a way out of the level, and take on the next. Depending on which order you choose, you may be rewarded. Getting all the keys results in the way ahead being opened, and you can progress to the last level of this path.

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Dark Mountain Forest   Leave a comment

I finished it, tell me what you think!

Dark Mountain

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A Link to the Past   1 comment

I’ve got an idea. Instead of a water-based level, I’ll create a wind/air/whatever you want to call it level! Those are definitely more fun, and it may even be fast-paced, but we’ll see about that. I’ve never really utilized this element to it’s best extent, so I might as well here. I haven’t done the tileset for it, I only have the concept for it, I think I’ll have to make music too..

Also, not really related to The Show, but I don’t really have anywhere else to put this. First of all, to HyMyNameIsMatt, that org for the Skyview Temple is not going well and I’m not inspired to work on it due to how bad it sounds. Anyway, I am, however, working on a song from A Link to the Past in org format. It’s a more obscure one, I’d say, but it’s incredibly underrated, and it’s one of my favorite Zelda songs. Dark Mountain Forest. I don’t have a ton of progress on it, but it’s going well so far.

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All new tileset   5 comments

Yes, I realize my posts have been about tilesets lately, but I made a new one, it’s inspired by A Link to the Past, because I love Zelda that much and I wanted a reason to use my Dark World song.

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PrtCent/PrtJail   4 comments

I finished two tilesets, probably because they’re entirely similar, but just look at them! They took quit a long time, and look pretty good if I do say so myself. Anyway, tell me what you think!

Note: These tilesets are finished, so the tiles that are still 1x res aren’t used in the mod










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Working on another version of Episode 1..   3 comments

Also, Noxid, the creator of King Story and a bunch of other things like the 2x res hack, commented on one of my posts a while ago about it being seasons rather than episodes. Whether it was a joke or not, it’s a good idea, and I just might switch to that, as it gives me even more possibilities as to what I can do, and also gives a chance of more character and humor to The Show, so I’ll definitely look into it.

One more thing, the level 2-2 is getting an added extension to it!

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