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It’s done for the most part, there’s a bit of graphical stuff I need to do, but this version is just about finished. I have yet to make the levels more interesting, but I’ll do that in the next version. Anyway, here’s a download link, tell me what you think!


Changes in this version include:

-Removed the Bubbler, Machine Gun and the Super Missile Launcher from the Pooh Black path.

-Renamed all the stages to be episodes instead of just numbers.

-New extended section in Episode 8. (Formerly known as 2-2)

-Added some new dialogue and changed some to be a little more consistent.

-Finished most of the graphics.

-Took out a secret in Episode 13 (Formerly 3-3), as it broke the game.

-Changed the design of a character.

I think that’s pretty much it. What’s to come next, is..

-Add some nice aesthetics to the stages.

-Finish all the graphics once and for all.

-Just overall fine tune it and clean up any glitches I can find.

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