Ice Fortress Hub Thingy   2 comments

It’s a hub world, essentially. The Ice Fortress, which you travel to, is a whole big structure, and in it are these three six doors. They take you to different parts of the fortress, which are levels, but they aren’t necessarily ice-based. In fact I don’t think a single one of them is ice-based.. But that’s beside the point. They’re based on elements, like fire and air. Each door also contains a key corresponding to that element. It’s your primary objective to get the key, find a way out of the level, and take on the next. Depending on which order you choose, you may be rewarded. Getting all the keys results in the way ahead being opened, and you can progress to the last level of this path.

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  1. Something about this is bugging me. Your mod is very fun to play, but the visuals are starting to affect me. Your tiles and sprites are fine, but when you place them it seem so minimalistic. Levels start looking less interesting because the tiles repeat so much. Cave story puts in broken sets and puts chains in places and etc… It helps establish landmarks and keeps the player interested. You gotta add something more man. This is advice meant for modders who aren’t just begginers. You qualify. Throw some buildings in there, or some vines or icicles or something.

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