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Two Legend of Zelda songs, Deku Palace from Majora’s Mask, and, as requested by HyMyNameIsMatt, Dark World from A Link to the Past!

Deku Palace

Dark World

Fun fact: They both start with D. :J

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10 responses to “Also, new orgs:

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  1. Fuck yeah!
    Listening right now.

  2. After listening, it sounds quite alot like the original. In some ways it’s actually better soundwise.
    I tip my hat to you sir.

    Speaking of zelda music, Skyward sword has a pretty creepy dungeon theme for the first dungeon, and there’s a midi on vg music.

  3. Well, yeah, I know that, but the part in the background, I’m not sure how to describe it, I dunno how to create that in Orgmaker, or if it’s even really possible.

  4. It is later now. Has anything music wise happened since it was not later?

  5. Well? A yes or a no would suffice. Have you done anything on the Skyward Sword dungeon theme?

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