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Well as the title states, good news! Good news for The Show is good news for all.


But anyway! It’s turned out that I’m able to work on it on this computer, and there’s also an announcement for it. You see I ran out of space for maps, so I’m just going to separate it into two parts, called episodes. Episode One includes rounds 1 to 4, and rounds 6 to 8-2. Episode Two is set to finish off the story, so it will include round 5 and the rest of round 8. So there you have it. They’ll also have slight changes in things, such as the HUD and title screen, and the Exp Circles. Here’s a comparison of Episode One’s title to Episode Two’s title.

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5 responses to “Good news!

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  1. Dude, make it three episodes! Trilogy Power!!
    But nice, big mods are good.

  2. Isn’t it entirely paoosible to include more maps? Like, really easy asm hacking?

  3. Episode is so overrated
    you should call it The Show: Season 2

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