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I was thinking about releasing my next demo in May maybe, but that seems way too long from now for one reason, I wanted to make this demo with less new content than the last one because the final version should have more than the others. So, I have a question that I want everyone to answer, would you like me to make this release smaller in order to make the final version longer, or keep it the same length of new content as the other one? I don’t know how to make polls, so just comment. :J Before this post ends I’d like to show a picture of the new level.

Posted February 3, 2011 by olliejay in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Question

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  1. Final release should have more content.

  2. I think both should haave tons of content, but if that seems too tedious, then you are better off making the final version longer.

  3. Not tedious, really. Just that I only have so much space to use, and I don’t want to make them uneven.

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